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Celluslim 3in1 Anti-Cellulite, Anti-Aging, Brustvergrößerung Vakuum Massagegerät

Celluslim 3in1 Anti-Cellulite, Anti-Aging, Brustvergrößerung Vakuum Massagegerät

Brand product. Easy to use and very fast results!

Celluslim« Pro ranks among the few, by the American Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved method for cellulite reduction, skin tightening and Bustvergrößerung.

The vacuum therapy is one of the most effective treatments for cellulite. That's why more professional users such as massage therapists, beauty and wellness studios, as well as medical practitioners use this vacuum massager.

The advantages over surgery, as listed below, should not be underestimated:

- A natural treatment method,
no unexpected complications
- A serious, therapeutic method convenient and easily
use in the home environment
- A permanent strengthening of the immune and lymphatic system,
no known adverse effects on health
- A gentle regeneration of the cellular tissue and
the epidermis (outer skin)
- Low cost of vacuum technology
- Easy to use and very effective
- No surgical intervention required, no follow-up costs
- No messages or wound treatments

Celluslim« Pro combines three revolutionary technologies:

First vacuum therapy:
In the vacuum therapy, the deep layers of the skin can be achieved. In conjunction with a roller function the intensity vacuum massage allows the response of the skin layers below the epidermis, and thus the water-enriched fat cells. This treatment causes the skin is rolled with a strong vacuum and kneaded. Similarly, the lymphatic is excited. This intense local massage the deep layers of the skin mobilizes excess cellular fluids, which are then reduced to a natural way from the body and thus the cellulite is actively discouraged.

Second massage function:
Special massage heads with interchangeable rollers provide effective massage which can help to reduce the amount.

Third light therapy:
Thus, the elimination of fat cells can be specifically supported.

Areas of application:

- Ideal for women with cellulite, saddlebags and local fat zones,
also firm the skin on the legs, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks
and facial and Dekollétepflege.
Natural breast lift and breast augmentation.

- Ideal for the man with fat zones on waist, belly
and breast, as well as double chin.

Celluslim« Pro application of cupping vacuum acts up in the deepest layers of skin. 3 held opposing Massagerollr a suction roll press creates massaging effect. This intense local massage in the subcutaneous tissue mobilized excess cellular fluid, dissolves fat deposits and water retention as well as slag substances. These are broken down naturally by the excited cell metabolism by the body and transported by the lymphatic flow. Revitalized the associated thorough cleaning and purification of the subcutaneous connective tissue and rejuvenates the already damaged tissue and skin areas.
It is achieved depending on the hardness case, the desired smoothing, tightening and firming the skin.

And .... that's not all!

The Celluslim« per vacuum process causes stress-induced tissue growth, and stimulated in a pleasant way the expansion of the breast tissue. The excited by the suction pump effect blood circulation makes the breast at the first application visible firmer and plumper. The gentle suction effect in the breast cups causes the tissue to expand and swell. In the first days and weeks with a swelling-induced
Expected breast augmentation.

So what are you waiting for?
Celluslim« Pro vacuum therapy - multifunction device that leaves nothing to be desired!

Scope of delivery:

- Celluslim« Pro vacuum therapy machine
- Ergonomic massage attachment with dual roller
- Ergonomic massage attachment with single roller
- AC / DC power adapter 220V
- Docking station / Holder
- Operating instructions

General note:
The Return of product is only possible for reasons of hygiene,
when the device is unopened and unused.

Celluslim 3in1 Anti-Cellulite, Anti-Aging, Brustvergrößerung Vakuum Massagegerät
No. 09000216
Price: 36.90 EUR
discount: 59.90 EUR

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Sum total: 0.00 EUR
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